Want to work in Film?


The Irish Film Board is the national film agency. Our aim is to help filmmakers get Irish films produced. We provide production and development loans for feature films, television, animation, documentaries and short films. We also help to promote films once they are finished.

If you are interested in working in the film industry or you just have a keen interest in the Irish film scene, our website is packed with loads of useful information, tips and news to help you on your way.


  • Be informed - know what's happening in Irish film at home and abroad with our up-to-date news section and our international newsfeed

  • Interact – Follow the Irish Film Board on Twitter and Facebook to receive daily updates, news, relevant articles and alerts to which you can give feedback, discuss and share with friends

  • Get involved – check out if there are any film related happenings near you with our Upcoming Events calendar.  We’ll keep you posted on upcoming film festivals, new releases, talks etc that could be happening in your area.  Keep an eye out for opportunities to volunteer at film festivals and attend panel discussions.

  • Be inspired - watch and share some award-winning shorts and feature trailers on our Media Hub and maybe find some inspiration for your own film

  • Experience - Want to know what it's like to be involved in an international film festival or have your film in one?  Read about Irish filmmakers experiences at some of the top festivals in the world in our online blogs  

  • Download our podcasts to hear IFB panel discussions on a wide range of topics such as low budget filmmaking, how Hollywood works, co-producing opportunities and writing for the screen.

  • Find out what films are doing well at the Irish Box Office this week

  • There are numerous great film festivals happening all over the country at different times of the year.  Check out Irelands festival scene in our Irish Film Festival section

  • Learn about international film festivals which one day may screen your film

  • Explore the Irish features, short films and documentaries which we have funded in our Film Directory.  See what projects are currently or will soon be in production in our Funding Decisions section. 

  • Check out what awards Irish films are winning in our Awards section.