Strange Occurrences in a Small Irish Village (2016)

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At first glance, Knock may appear to be little more than a relic of Ireland’s past, populated by dogmatic Catholics steadfastly clinging to the idea that the Virgin Mary once appeared in a backwater in the West of Ireland. But Knock is full of people with compelling stories, some of whom believe in The Miracle, some in smaller, everyday miracles. All who come here, come with hope. Middle-aged romantics seeking the perfect partner at the Knock Marriage Bureau, the Travellers for whom Knock has taken on a special significance, the Catholic pilgrims, the sick and recovering in search of a miraculous cure. This Summer, the American faithful are due to land at Knock Airport. Can this tiny, rural Irish town go global?

DIRECTOR : Aoife Kelleher
PRODUCERS : Rachel Lysaght, Lindsay Campbell
EDITOR : Adelina Bichis


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