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My Brothers (2010)

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In Irish Cinemas on August 17th 2012

Over the Halloween weekend of 1987 three young brothers embark on an epic quest: to win and bring back their dying father a replacement for his beloved watch, which came from an amusement arcade in Ballybunnion where all their family holidays together were spent.

Noel, Paudie adn Scwally steal the local bread van and set off for Ballybunnion. It will be an off-beat and moving journey which - after encounters and adventures will fortify them for the challenge of their father's impending death - can only lead them home.

DIRECTOR: Paul Fraser
SCRIPT: William Collins
PRODUCERS: Rebecca O'Flanagan, Rob Walpole
MAIN CAST: Timmy Creed, Paul Courtney, TJ Griffin, Kate Ashfield, Don Wycherley


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