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GOLD (2014)

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An offbeat comedy about an estranged father who returns to his hometown after an absence of ten years to reconnect with his teenage daughter and ex-wife.

Twelve years ago, Ray left town after his childhood sweetheart, Alice, dumped him, taking their daughter away from him. Now he must return home at the request of his ailing father, who wishes to see his granddaughter before it's too late. But things take a turn for the absurd when Ray realises his daughter and her mother have built a new life with his former P.E. teacher, a controlling and regimented figure who is the direct opposite of Ray.

Set in an affluent suburb in south County Dublin, this offbeat comedy and unconventional love story delights in the hilarity of everyday life.

DIRECTOR: Niall Heery
WRITERS: Brendan Heery, Niall Heery
PRODUCERS: Tristan Orpen Lynch, Aoife O'Sullivan
PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Subotica, Matador Pictures


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